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Personalized medicine is the revolution in the practice of medicine that better addresses the healthcare needs of the 21st century. Personalized medicine helps to prevent and treat diseases, including cancer, more effectively than the “one-size-fits-all” approach.

RCLIN Group with headquarters in Montreux, Switzerland, provides a patient-focused approach that works to address the underlying causes of disease in the most effective and health enhancing way based on the physical and psychological conditions of each patient.

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Healthy Living

We help our patients stay healthy throughout their life, regardless of their age. 

We start with an examination of the patient’s genomic and biochemical mark-ups that have led or may lead to a disease in the near future. When we receive the test results, our international team of doctors and biochemical scientists provide their treatment recommendations and produce a personalized medication formula for each specific patient’s health concern. Following these recommendations, our doctors team up with pharmacists to produce a patient specific medication according to the developed formula, ensuring adherence to the highest pharmaceutical requirements. Our personalized medications are produced by highly reputable compounding laboratories based in Switzerland, EU or the US.

Over the past decade RCLIN has been offering patients of all ages exclusive programs beyond the traditional medical care. Our patients have access to programs that prevent many of the degenerating factors, that lead to allergies, depressions, weight problems, fatigue, sexual disorders, digestive problems, headaches and hair loss, just to name a few.

If you are interested to learn more about the RCLIN’s Healthy Living programs, or schedule an appointment at one of our clinics, please contact us at:rclin@rclin.com

Winning over Cancer

Cancer Prevention

The key in preventing cancer is time and determination of the potential causes of it. The main known causes of cancer are genetic predisposition, oxidative stress, faulty immune system, low nutrition levels, accumulation of oxidized forms of hormones, as well as exposure to carcinogens, such as toxic metals. Timely management of which may prevent transformation of healthy cells into cancer cells.

The earlier you know that you have a cancer risk or the cancer cells appear in a certain organ, the more effective can be the preventive treatment. 

Our approach to patients is holistic, we offer a complete examination by looking at the patient’s genomic and biochemical mark-ups that have led or may lead to disease in the near future. We offer our patients access to the best laboratory diagnostic tests provided by the leading labs and research centers in integrative medicine based in the US and Europe.

We recommend doing regular cancer check-ups, if you meet any of the following criteria:

• you are 30+

• you have had a cancer history in your family

• you have a chronic inflammation process (e.g. gastric inflammation, chronic gynecological diseases, prostatitis, etc.)

• you are doing extreme physical exercises

• you are under a lot of stress, feel burnout

• you live in a polluted environment

• you have taken prolonged antibiotic therapies

• you have been exposed to radiation, chemicals and products known to cause cancer

The frequency, volume and the necessity of a cancer check-up program are determined by our physician, subject to a specific patient situation and his or her health history.

Based on the examination results, our doctors and bio scientists prescribe preventive treatments and therapeutic programs focusing on the problem areas discovered at the time of the check-up.

Each patient is assigned a treating doctor and a dedicated staff, which are available to answer all questions the patient may have 24/7. Cancer prevention programs normally involve regular checks of the progress made.

If you are interested to learn more about the RCLIN’s cancer prevention programs, or schedule an appointment at one of our clinics, please contact us at: rclin@rclin.com

Cancer Detection

In addition to widely available cancer diagnostic methods, RCLIN offers one of the most advanced and powerful tools for cancer detection - the ONCOblot® test.

The ONCOblot® test is a highly sensitive test that identifies 26 different forms of cancer and points to the organ, where cancer has developed. The test can identify cancer before symptoms appear, as well as confirm post treatment effectiveness.

The test is so sensitive, that it can show presence of cancer cells, even before they have been addressed by the immune system. Timely intervention by preventive treatments may help to stop cancer cells from developing into tumors and spreading to other organs.

The ONCOblot® test is a single blood test with the ability to confirm the presence of cancer through the detection of the ENOX2 protein. This protein is produced by the tissue of origin only, which enables the test to identify 26 primary cancers from 20 different organ sites.

The ONCOblot® test has been shown to detect the presence of cancer as early as Stage 0.  It is estimated that as few as 2 million cancer cells (2 mm cancer, roughly the size of a pinhead) may shed a sufficient amount of the ENOX2 protein to be detected in blood serum.  The ONCOblot® test is a diagnostic test that confirms cancer presence and the tissue of cancer origin at the time of testing. However, the ONCOblot® test does not allow to identify the stage of cancer nor does it show the tumor burden.

Most tests look for elevated levels of normal substances, which might indicate the possibility of a cancer, and some tests look for a genetic predisposition to develop cancer. What makes the ONCOblot® test unique is that it detects the presence of the ENOX2 protein which only exists if malignant cancer is present.

ONCOblot® is a laboratory developed, CLIA Certified, CAP Accredited, blood serum test that meets current FDA guidelines.  A 510(k) submission to the FDA is in progress.

RCLIN is the official distributor of ONCOblot® in Europe. To take the ONCOblot® test, the blood is collected at one of our collection centers or taken by your local physician and sent to RCLIN’s lab center in Geneva, Switzerland. The blood is then prepared and shipped to the ONCOblot® lab in West Lafayette, IN, USA.

Normally it takes about 3-4 weeks to get the results.

You may learn more about the ONCOblot® test by visiting the lab’s webpage at :  www.oncoblotlabs.com 

If you want to ask our medical team about the ONCOblot® test or schedule an appointment at one of our clinics, please contact us at : rclin@rclin.com

Cancer Treatments

There is no “one-size-fits-all” solution in treating cancer. To get the best results, our patients are treated by a global team of the best conventional and integrative oncologists, and benefit from the most advanced diagnostic and intervention tools available to date.

At RCLIN we treat patients in ambulatory centers. When in-patient care is required, we rely on our international network of partner hospitals to provide the best needed care, such as surgeries.

All our clinics operate in the regulatory environment of the countries where they are based. Some of the offered treatments are only available in the countries, where they can be practiced, such as the United States.

Each patient is assigned a treating doctor and a dedicated staff, who are available to answer all questions the patient may have 24/7.

If you want to ask our medical team about specific treatments or schedule an appointment, please contact us at: rclin@rclin.com

Targeted Chemotherapies Support Therapies  
Immunotherapy Cancer Ablation  

Targeted Chemotherapies

Where cancer is already at an advanced stage, RCLIN offers diagnostic testing to help identify the most effective, targeted approach to treatment. Using various diagnostic tools, we identify candidate drug mixes, which could be effectively used for treatment. We also identify which drugs from the approved protocols would not be active against your tumor, as well as drugs that would be toxic for you and whose benefit-cost ratio would be really unfavorable.

Following the test results, our oncologists prepare personalized, targeted chemotherapy protocols that are the most effective to attack the malignant cells and least harmful to healthy ones.

Among the tools, our oncologists use, we would like to highlight the two key methods: 
cytometric profiling developed by Dr. Weisenthal and OncoDEEP® test.


Cytometric Profiling

Cytometric profiling, as performed by the Weisenthal Cancer Group, USA, measures the cancer cell killing ability of each drug as it occurs in real-time in the presence of each patient’s own, living cancer cells.  In cytometric profiling each patient’s cancer cells actually are exposed to the broadest possible range of candidate chemotherapy drugs, including the new “targeted” agents, accurately identifying both effective and ineffective drugs. 

In addition, cytometric profiling identifies widely varying patterns of susceptibility occurring within each patient’s cancer cells to different anti-cancer drugs within the same class of drugs.  Oncologists often see differences in patient response to different drugs, which are thought to work via the same general mechanism.  In contrast, gene testing looks only at the mechanism and not at the drug or at the cell in the presence of the drug and so it cannot detect specific differences in drug activity. 

Cytometric profiling also has the ability to identify synergy, which frequently occurs in rationally-selected drug combinations.  Drugs, which are only moderately active as single agents, sometimes become extremely effective when combined with certain other agents.  Cytometric profiling can pinpoint these drug combinations - gene testing cannot. 

You may learn more about the cytometric profiling by visiting the lab’s webpage at: www.weisenthalcancer.com


OncoDEEP® test

The OncoDEEP® test has been designed to be used on any solid tumor cancer, e.g. lung, breast, colorectal, stomach and liver cancers.  

OncoDEEP® not only identifies candidate molecules which could be used for treatment but also finds out which drugs would be active against your tumor and which would not. It also helps to identify which drugs could turn out to be toxic and whose benefit-cost ratio would be really unfavorable.

To take OncoDEEP® test, an oncologist arranges tumor sample collection and shipment to the Institute of Pathology and Genetics (IPG) in Gosselies, Belgium. IPG is one of the 8 Belgian Official Genetic Centers. OncoDEEP® is ISO15189 accredited by BELAC, the Belgian authorities’ accreditation body.
Normally it takes about 2 weeks to get the results.

You may learn more about the OncoDEEP® test by visiting the lab’s webpage at: www.oncodna.com

If you want to ask our medical team about the cytometric profiling or OncoDEEP® test, please contact us at: rclin@rclin.com

Support Therapies

As a patient undergoes cancer treatments, it is extremely important to support the body’s ability to recover and make sure that the negative impact on the healthy organs is minimized.

Our doctors and bio-scientists develop special health support programs that are given to patients undergoing cancer treatments.

This may include detoxification, immune support, hormonal balance support, DNA protection to prevent spreading of cancer cells, as well as other programs specific to each patient’s needs.



It is now recognized that the cancer can actually use the immune system to protect itself, thus shutting off the part of the immune system that would attack it. The identification of receptors used by the cancer cell to shut off the immune system, has allowed the development of effective immune therapies.

When these receptors are blocked, the immune system has the opportunity to recognize the cancer and learn to attack it. The main drugs currently available are CTLA-4 inhibitor (Yervoy) and PD-1 inhibitors (Optdivo and Keytruda). The FDA has approved these therapies for Melanoma. Optdivo is also approved for non-small cell lung cancer.

To date, Yervoy, Opdivo and Keytruda have been approved for systemic therapy. This means these medications are given intravenous, thus treating the entire body.

However, research has shown that treatment administered directly into the tumor is far more effective than the systemic treatment of the whole body. It has been proven that the immune dysfunction occurs in the “microenvironment” of the tumor. This work supports that there should be a new paradigm shift in cancer immunotherapy, targeting directly to the tumor.

The problem with most typical cancer therapies is that they “poison” or treat the whole body and they do nothing to teach the body how to fight the cancer in the future. The current treatments are often ineffective in ridding the body of all the cancer. Once the medicines are stopped, or resistance develops, the cancer again progresses. The “key” to cancer therapy is to teach the immune system how to fight the cancer.

Our oncologists noticed that the combination of immunotherapy and cancer ablation works this way. The cancer ablation kills the tumor, leaving dead pieces and releasing substances to stimulate the immune response. The immunotherapy such as Yervoy, Optdivo and Keytruda, takes the brakes off the immune system, allowing it to attack the dead tumor. This trains the immune system to attack the cancer in other locations as well.

Cancer Ablation

Image-guided cancer ablation involves the placement of needles into a tumor, then the tumor is destroyed using extreme heat (microwave or radiofrequency) or extreme cold (cryoablation) to directly kill the cancer. Initially developed in the 1990’s for liver cancer, today it is used in many cancer types and locations.
Research has demonstrated the underlying immune response of ablation. Ablation of cancer can function like a vaccination against the tumor, generating an immune response.

In typical vaccinations, the disease-causing agent is killed or weakened and injected into the body. Ablation results in the killing of tumor within the body, leaving pieces of cancer that can potentially be recognized by the immune system.
Ablation results in tumor destruction inside the body. This results in the release of antigens. Antigens are the pieces of tumor that the immune system can recognize and learn to attack other tumor that contains those similar pieces. In addition, the ablation process results in the local release of other substances, which further enhance the immune response. These substances are known as Pathogen Activated Molecular Patterns (PAMPS) and Danger Activated Molecular Patterns (DAMPS). It is these substances that further set off an alarm to fight against the cancer. When you combine the release of “DAMPS”, “PAMPS” and tumor antigens, along with the immune checkpoint inhibitors (Anti-CTLA 4 and PD-1), you create a near perfect mix of immune stimulation, resulting in a much more powerful anti-cancer immune response. This combination results in stimulating the immune system against the cancer throughout the whole body, in a way that has never been achieved before.

Studies have demonstrated that cancer ablation has the potential to be more effective, than surgery for the treatment of local tumors, however, it is not appropriate for metastatic disease, for which systemic therapies, such as chemotherapy, have been the only option for treatment.


RCLIN is a family run business and we view our patients as part of RCLIN’s family. Our commitment is to provide patients with access to the best medical advice, the most precise diagnostics and the most effective treatment across borders and continents. Exceptional patient care is at the core of our values. Our patients get all around attention and personal service both related to their health and comfort.

RCLIN is headquartered in Montreux, Switzerland. Our team consists of the world’s leading doctors, bio scientists, and research and laboratory experts. RCLIN’s clinical and lab facilities are based in Switzerland, Ukraine and USA. Personalized medications for our patients are developed and produced to order by the leading compounding pharmacies in Germany, Switzerland, and USA.

RCLIN’s strength lies in using the exclusive and most advanced laboratory diagnostic tests, a highly qualified international team of experts, and the production of personalized medications based on patient-unique formulas, developed by our team.

After experiencing personalized programs at our centers, our patients tell us that they enjoy a much better quality of life compared to what they have had with standard medical services.


It is our commitment to provide our patients with access to the best medical knowledge and technology available today. Our patients have the benefit of receiving medical advice from the world’s leading oncologists, doctors, bio scientists, and research and laboratory experts.

Each patient’s case is being discussed between RCLIN’s physicians at our clinics and RCLIN’s team of international experts to find the optimal health solution for each individual case. The medical advice by our team of experts is rendered in the form of personal consultations, second opinions, or recommendations of specific treatments.

We are proud to present the key members of RCLIN’s international team.

Elena N. Pruss, M.D., PhD

Medical Director of RCLIN Group
Clarens, Montreux, Switzerland

Dr. Pruss is a general practitioner and much of her work is devoted to the immuno-inflammatory processes, different types of B-lymphocytes, proinflammatory cytokines, antibody response, role of the immune system in the appearance of atypical cells, activation of autophagy and its influence on the overall human body performance.

She has participated in various international studies involving the use of genetically modified immune lymphocytes in the treatment of tumors, as well as introduction of IPS cells in patients with aggressive forms of cancer.

Full Profile
Donald I. Abrams, M.D

Cancer and integrative medicine specialist
Newsweek Magazine 2015 Top Cancer Doctors in the USA

Professor Abrams is chief of the Hematology-Oncology Division at San Francisco General Hospital, an integrative oncologist at the UCSF Osher Center for Integrative Medicine and Professor of Clinical Medicine at the University of California San Francisco. He graduated from Brown University in 1972 and from the Stanford University School of Medicine in 1977. After completing an Internal Medicine residency at the Kaiser Foundation Hospital in San Francisco, he became a fellow in Hematology-Oncology at the UCSF Cancer Research Institute in 1980. His interest in botanical therapies led him to pursue a two-year Fellowship in the Program in Integrative Medicine at the University of Arizona, which he completed in December 2004. His particular passion in the field involves nutrition and cancer. Since completing his Fellowship, Dr. Abrams has been providing Integrative Medicine consultation to people living with and beyond cancer at the UCSF Osher Center for Integrative Medicine. He co-edited an Oxford University Press textbook in Integrative Oncology with Andrew Weil, M.D. He is a member of the NCI PDQ CAM Editorial Board. Dr. Abrams was President of the Society of Integrative Oncology in 2010.

Full Profile
Dr. Mark Rosenberg, M.D.

Director, Advanced Medical Therapeutics LLC,
Boca Raton, Florida, USA


Graduate School: Master of Science in Physiology Georgetown University Graduate School Washington, DC
Medical School: Georgetown University School of Medicine Washington, DC
Internship: Transitional Internship Fitzsimons Army Medical Center Aurora, CO
Residency: Emergency Medicine Residency Brooke Army Medical Center Dept. of Emergency Medicine San Antonio, TX

Certifications/Additional Training: Board Certified American Board of Emergency Medicine, Fellow of American College of Emergency, Board Certified by American Academy of Anti-aging Medicine, ALS, PALS

Dr. Rosenberg is an innovator in unique cancer therapies. He is the pioneer of “acid efflux inhibition” for the treatment of cancer. He has done extensive research and development of nanoparticle delivery for cancer therapy.

His research interests are in personalized targeted cancer therapies and unique combinations of “metronomic” chemotherapy to enhance the systemic immune response.

Full Profile
Jason R. Williams, M.D.

Image Guided Cancer Specialist,
USA Board Certified Radiologist,
Advanced Medical Therapeutics LLC,  Boca Raton, Florida, USA

Dr. Jason R. Williams is a medical doctor and board certified radiologist and pioneer in minimally invasive, image-guided cancer therapies, especially Cryoablation combined with injection of immunotherapy into the cancer.  He obtained his medical doctorate from Louisiana State University.  He completed an internship in internal medicine, followed by a residency in radiology at the University of South Alabama.  He was selected for the Radiological Society of North America research and fellow award in 2004.  In 2006, he won a Telly award for a video explaining ablation of cancer. He speaks at numerous national and international conferences.  Also, he has trained doctors on image-guided cancer therapy in the USA, Mexico and South Africa. Dr. Williams’ research interest is in cancer immunotherapy combined with image guided ablation and gene therapy

Full Profile
RCLIN Clinics

RCLIN is a Swiss based medical company specializing in personalized medicine, with a special focus on healthy living and treatment of cancer. RCLIN’s international network includes clinics and medical centers in Switzerland, Ukraine and USA. RCLIN’s locations are specifically chosen to offer personalized care across continents giving patients opportunity to choose whichever location is more convenient for them to visit.


In addition to its medical diagnostic center in Geneva, RCLIN will shortly open the doors of its new clinic in Montreux, Switzerland.

RCLIN Montreux is located in a 19th century mansion at Rue du Lac, which hosts the most luxurious hotels and boutiques, the Convention and Music Center, magnificent architecture in the Belle Epoque style stretching along the Lake Geneva.

RCLIN Geneva is conveniently located near the Geneva Airport, which serves well its international patients, who may come in the morning to take a lab test or do a check-up program and fly home in the afternoon. It offers cancer and health enhancement check-up programs.


In the USA, RCLIN treats patients at its partner clinic - Advanced Medical Therapeutics LLC, headed by one of the best integrative specialists, Dr. Rosenberg. The clinic is based in Boca Raton, in close proximity to Miami.

All year around warm weather and pure energy of the Atlantic Ocean combined with the top services and some of the best hotels in the world, make this clinic a desired destination for many patients.


RCLIN Ukraine is an in- and outpatient medical clinic based on the outskirts of Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine. For international patients it is just about 2-hour flight from a major Western European city. The clinic offers 10 private rooms for patients, who need to stay in the clinic overnight. The patients enjoy a truly VIP experience with 24/7 ward and all around services, such as a chauffeur and English speaking personal assistant. Our international patients fly into Kyiv’s international airport, where our company car is already waiting to bring them to our clinic in a prestigious rural area just outside the city. Patients can stay at the clinic while they undergo treatments. Privacy of our patients is very important to us. The clinic is not open to general public and serves only its patients by reservation. The clinic can also accommodate relatives. Private cultural and shopping tours can be organized.

Fees & Insurance

We charge our fees based on the actual time spent and the medical personnel and equipment involved. For certain programs the fees are calculated for the duration of the program. It is possible that some of our most advanced tests and treatments are not yet covered by traditional health insurance. Our centers can provide you an estimate of fees and costs involved, before any services are rendered, to help you plan your financial needs.

Please note that we do not bill the patients’ insurance companies and all our fees and costs shall be settled according to the applicable terms of payment.


For general inquiries, please contact us by e-mail at: rclin@rclin.com, and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

If you would like to speak to one of our representatives, please call us at our Swiss switchboard: +41 (0) 22 755 56 80 during the normal business hours, or +41 (0) 79 107 3535 in case of emergency.


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