Dr. Elena Pruss, PhD

Dr. Elena Pruss, PhD is the owner and Medical Director of RCLIN Life Sciences Group, where she is responsible for strategic management of the medical services, research and development. Dr. Pruss is focusing on research and clinical applications in the field of epigenetics.

Prior to taking charge over the RCLIN’s medical strategy and research, for more than a decade Dr. Pruss ran one of RCLIN’s medical clinics as a Medical Director, and worked as a general practitioner and clinical researcher. Much of her work was devoted to the immuno-inflammatory processes, different types of B-lymphocytes, pro-inflammatory cytokines, antibody response, role of the immune system in the appearance of atypical cells, activation of autophagy and its influence on the overall human body performance. Dr. Pruss has participated in various international studies involving the use of genetically modified immune lymphocytes in the treatment of tumors, as well as introduction of IPS cells in patients with aggressive forms of cancer.

For the last twenty years Dr. Pruss has been heavily involved in studying the processes of premature aging of the body, including aging at the cellular level and identifying correlations between the realization of genetic information and long-lasting health effects.

Dr. Pruss serves on the board of RCLIN’s headquarters, as well as the boards of RCLIN’s clinics and medical centers.