What We Do

RCLIN Group operates medical centers and laboratories in the domain of molecular medicine, maintains a network of world-renowned experts in medicine, biosciences and pharmacology, and produces personalized medications and food supplements at its own manufacturing facility.

Molecular Medicine

RCLIN specializes in molecular medicine. Our multidisciplinary team of lab technicians and medical doctors, bio scientists, and pharmacologists looks at physical, chemical, and biological condition of each patient to understand the unique molecular and cellular interactions, and to identify any molecular and genetic errors that may lead to, or have already caused, a disease.


RCLIN offers medical services at two clinics that it independently owns and operates. One is located in Switzerland and the other is in Ukraine. In order to offer complementary medical care to our patients across continents, we also support a reference network of partner clinics, hospitals and independent medical practitioners in Switzerland, Germany and the United States.


RCLIN Group combines clinical and research laboratory capabilities. RCLIN’s laboratory services offer clinical laboratories at each of our medical facilities. In addition, RCLIN’s lab units are representing a number of leading American and European lab research centers to provide our patients access to the most advanced health testing technologies.


Via a wholly-owned subsidiary, RCLIN Pharma Ltd., RCLIN Group operates a Level 2 biosafety laboratory and manufacturing facility based at Malta Life Sciences Park in San Gwann, Malta.


Following on our commitment to provide customers with exceptional care, we give our VIP clients all around attention both related to their health and comfort.