Health Hospitality

Capitalizing on its medical know-how and a loyal client base, RCLIN Group started a new business line: RCLIN Health Hospitality. Health Hospitality will be combining the existing business of medical concierge and a new service – health vacations – as of Summer 2020.

RCLIN will be offering health vacation packages in world-renowned health travel destinations in Italy, Switzerland, Germany, the UK, and the USA.

The initial launch of the health hospitality programs will be in Switzerland and Italy, gradually rolling out in other countries.

Health vacation packages will offer the following key services:

  • Personalized health enhancing treatments based on clients’ specific health needs;
  • Personalized diet and physical activities;
  • Personalized cosmetic and esthetic treatments;
  • Local cultural experiences.

The personalization of health vacation packages will be provided in cooperation with RCLIN’s Swiss Center for Molecular Medicine, as well as RCLIN’s food and beauty production laboratory in Malta.

As part of its offer, RCLIN Health Hospitality will continue providing to our select group of clients the Medical Concierge Services. Following on our commitment to provide customers with exceptional care, RCLIN’s VIP clients receive all around attention both related to their health and comfort. This is why all healthcare needs of such clients, such as organizing medical appointments and interventions worldwide, procuring personalized medical programs and other medical products, settling bills and health insurance claims are being handled via RCLIN’s centralized International Procurement Office in Malta.